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Update from DK Sutton

or why have I tried to cram so much into September?

Hey, y’all! This is my first post, and I want to talk about me. More specifically, what’s up with me. Well, to start, I’ve been super busy. And it didn’t have to be this crazy. I blame my brain.

The ADD brain works best under pressure. That’s what they tell me. And no matter how much I try to trick my brain into thinking I’m running out of time and to NOT procrastinate, I usually end up–you guessed it–procrastinating. I still try to write everyday and do business-y things, but the true productive time is when I’m down to the wire (as they say). Add to it my thinking that I can take on ALL the projects, and you get a very busy September (and October).

But that’s good news for you guys.

I have two books being released under my YA romance and LGBT+ fiction name, Addison Lloyd. Waiting For Her is an ff romance and will be released around the end of next week. When September Comes is a gay romance, and it will release the last week in September. I will also be at GRL in St. Louis October 7-10. Stop by and see me if you’re there. I’ve got lots of swag to give away!

My (Not So) Grumpy Professor will be released on November 26. So while you’re shopping online on Black Friday (or the stores) you can easily pick up a copy. It’s reduced to $2.99 for the pre-order. Then it will go up to the usual price of $4.99. (So you might want to get a head start on that Black Friday shopping and buy it now.) It’s the second book in A (Not So) Studious University Series.

You may think that me writing this post is a sort of procrastination in itself. And that just tells me that you really, really get me. And I enjoy talking to you all, unlike the chore of cleaning out my car that I did right before writing this post.

I have another 25,000 words to edit and 7,000 words to write so I need to get on that. While I’m trying to kick my brain into gear, I’d love to hear if there are any special things you do to avoid procrastination and get yourself motivated.