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About me

Bestselling author of LGBTQA fiction and gay romance.

D.K. Sutton has a background in social work and uses this to develop flawed characters you can’t help but love. As an introvert, she has always been a little awkward (and a lot geeky). Turns out, those are handy traits for an author. She writes LGBTQ+ fiction and gay romance. If you enjoy angst check out her Broken Series. If you want lower angst and more steam check out any of the books from her other series or her standalones.

Addison Lloyd is the name her YA LGBTQ+ fiction and gay romance books are under. These books all follow characters from the same world. Although they are standalones in the series they are officially in, unofficially, they are part of a collection of stories that center on Dublin High and Westbridge Academy.