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Watching Boonie and Dylan find their way back to each other is sweet and satisfying. Two thumbs up!

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A young adult best friends to lovers second chance gay romance


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In junior high I couldn’t admit to my best friend I liked guys. Liked him. And I swore if he ever came back, I’d confess everything. Running into him in the farm and home store gives me that chance. I almost don’t recognize the hot guy with pink hair and an eyebrow piercing. But some things haven’t changed: the freckles on his face, the teasing smile, and the way my heart reaches for him.

I’m a walking cliché. City boy crushing on his clueless farm boy best friend. Boonie’s captain of the football team, with the muscles to prove it, but he’s also still that sweet guy trying to take care of everyone with the same devotion he has for his mule. Teaming up with Boonie in the county mule festival makes it hard to resist him and comes at a price. My plan to leave this town hasn’t changed. The only question is whether I leave with or without my heart.

When September Comes is a 29,000+ young adult gay romance that’s set in the Dublin High & Westbridge Academy world. It has stubborn mules, a small town county fair, making out in the hayloft, Boonie’s almost movie star boyfriend, and also his boyfriend’s boyfriend, meddling grandmothers, a social work mom trying hard not to social work her kid—and failing, a love of Teen Titans Go, and the important question of who’s the most crushable ninja turtle, a clueless farm boy, a sassy city boy, a younger sister who makes up her own words, a heated game of mule polo, and Cinnamon—the sweetest mule of all. This book can be read as a standalone and has a HEA.

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