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The author gives readers snark, humor, tender moments and plenty of angst. I think the YA audience will eat this up...

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Jade is the son of a Hollywood star. Mark comes from a wealthy conservitive family. What happens at Westbridge Academy is supposed to stay there. Until secrets start to come out.



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Being the son of Hollywood darling Suzette Starr isn’t easy. Mom settled us in rural Missouri, and as you can imagine, it’s boring AF. I have three sweet boyfriends, but I still feel alone. All my friends are finding their true love.

I don’t believe in love. Not after way too many stepfathers and watching my mom go through tasty looking desserts like they’re candy, as she searches for something. When Mom starts acting weird, I’m sure we’re moving on to step-Richard number four.

With all that drama going on, love is the last thing I need. So why does Mark Russell, a cute preppy still-hiding-in-the-back-of-the-freaking-closet gayboy who loves to argue, have me wishing love was real after all?



My life has been planned out by my uptight family since I was four. Go to college. Marry the girl they chose. Procreate. But I’m not that person. I love comic books, superheroes, and arguing with an infuriating sassy guy with high cheekbones, miles of gorgeous hair, and a Starr behind his name.

We have nothing in common. I hate being the center of attention. He craves it. But the minute Jade challenges me…or kisses me, I forget who I am. And dream of being someone else. Someone worthy.

When his mom starts hiding things, we suspect she has a new man. Together Jade and I try to discover his identity…and his secrets. But the closer we get, the further away Jade feels. I want more than friendship, but my family would never accept me as I am. Can I find the courage to defy them? To show Jade that love is real. And that one boyfriend is all he really needs.

Starr Struckis a 101,000+ frenemies to lovers, gay awaking, YA gay romance with a HEA and no cliffhangers. It can be read as a standalone, but the books are better read in order. It features a designer-clad sarcastic diva, a geeky debate star who loves to play dress up, boys arguing, lots and lots of arguing, the attempted murder of a Christmas tree, and sweet New Year’s Eve kisses. This is book five in the Dublin High and Westbridge Academy series.

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