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I fell in love with this story and didn't want it to end.

Yvonne-Amazon Reviewer

A gay romance with cocky students, shy professors, meddling best friends, and lots and lots of ice cream. First book in the My (Not So) University series.

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I’m a sucker for nerds. So a biology professor who wears geeky ties and doesn’t realize how hot he is puts every part of my body on high alert. It also means I’m failing his class. There’s only one way to get him out of my head so I can focus.

Turns out that boyish innocence isn’t an act, and while Dr. Reid Emerson is a genius, there are many things he’s never learned. His eagerness to catch up takes my breath away. Will he let me be the one to teach him?

Maddie Evans reminds me of every popular guy I’ve ever known: charming, persuasive, and used to getting exactly what he wants. But there’s a part of me–a part tired of being the only inexperienced person on campus —that doesn’t care. A flash of skin during our study sessions sparks a fire I can’t put out. I want Maddie to teach me…everything.

We strike a deal that has me questioning my sanity, my ethics, and everything I ever believed in. I can’t resist him but being together is risky. Maddie could lose his spot in grad school, and I could lose the thing that keeps me going every day. Teaching.

Is this experiment doomed to fail or together can we pass the ultimate test of love and sacrifice?

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