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Intense and Breathtakingly Real!

Just the interactions were so rich! Loved the interplay between Rob and Caleb. How tense and real. Loved the way Addison writes! Way to go!!!

Jan, Amazon Reviewer

A reaction to almost dying or gay awakening?

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I don’t fit in anymore. Not at home. Not at school. And this jittery feeling—like I’m living someone else’s life—needs to stop. Nothing makes sense until I confront Caleb Patterson at his locker. Arguing with him makes me feel alive again.

I have a girlfriend, but Caleb lights me up like he’s flipped a switch. He’s patient and sweet. And I want to kiss him until I break his world apart and reach the person underneath.

I’m tired of labels and playing by the rules. But living my life on my terms is more difficult than I imagined.

All I want is to be his everything.

Invincible Me is a 24,000 word YA gay romance. It is part of the Stories of the Seasons (A Gay YA series) but stands alone from the other books in the series. It is part of the Dublin High/Westbridge Academy world that starts with Merry Little Lies. It can be read as a standalone and has a HEA.

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