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Hot Wishes & Cold Kisses

At sixteen, Oliver Pattinson confessed his love to his best friend’s older brother, Zachary Coleman, only to be shattered by his rejection. In the ten years since, Oliver has made it through college, stayed best friends with Susie, and moved back home to teach kindergarten. He’s barely seen Zachary during this time. According to Susie, Zachary has an aversion to fun, spending time with his family, and Christmas.

When Susie is injured in an accident, Zachary is forced to come home and help take care of her three lively children. He thinks because he manages an office full of staff this ill be easy, but it doesn’t take long for him to realize he can’t do it alone.

Can Oliver and Zachary put aside their differences, ignore the growing attraction between them, and focus on what’s really important? Making sure these kids have a Merry Christmas. Which isn’t easy when it’s only a few weeks away, the kids need costumes for the school Christmas program, and Susie has successfully hidden all the presents.

Hot Wishes & Cold Kisses is a standalone MM Christmas romance featuring small towns, second chances, sassy kids, snowball fights, moonlight kisses, and a HEA.

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