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Dusty & Jamaal

This country boy is a challenge. A sweet, simmering, gorgeous challenge that I’m more than ready for. .

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After my last heartbreak, I swore off city boys. So when an out-of-town hottie approaches me during a neighbor’s house party, I promptly turn him down. If he wants coffee, he needs to pass my tests. Tests designed to wipe the haughty grin off his gorgeous mouth.

But Jamaal isn’t like the other city boys. He’s complicated and sweet despite his cold upbringing. His main flaw, and the reason this can’t work, is that he lives in a city three hundred miles away.

Hallmark movies led me astray. Where’s the small-town charm? And is John Deere really an appropriate fashion choice? But I’m intrigued by the cute ginger with his simmering heat, clean country boy-scent, and freckles I want to explore like a tasty dot-to-dot. All I have to do is pass his tests. Tests that involve mud and livestock and country things.

I can do this. Prove to Dusty, and myself, that I’m nothing like my rich elitist family or those other city boys.

Then what? Hallmark makes it seem easy, but Dusty and I live in opposite worlds hundreds of miles apart. How can this work?

But the real question is…how can I ever let him go?

Dusty & Jamaal was originally a free short at the end of Hot Wishes & Cold Kisses. It’s been reedited and expanded to 25,000+ words. It involves a sassy country boy, an uptight but determined city boy, a pushy four-year-old, and an overeager border collie named JoJo.

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