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One of the most fun reads I have read in a while. Great entertainment.

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A fiesty wedding planner and a tattooed dude of honor clash during this high profile wedding. Zye is determined to give the bride her perfect wedding. Miles is set to bring it all crashing down.

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Act as the dude of honor for my best friend? On it. Play nice with her scheming groom? Sure. Sabotage the wedding so she doesn’t make the biggest mistake of her life? Someone has to.

The only obstacle is her fierce, over-the-top wedding planner. I can’t get distracted by Zye Roessler’s sass or kissable lips. Not when he’s fixing things faster than I can break them.

We’re both determined. I want to protect my friend. And Zye needs this wedding to save his business. Not that he believes in love or marriage. I mean, neither do I, but I’m not the one making a profit from other’s mistakes.

I have a plan, and it doesn’t include kissing Zye every chance I get.



Miles Gordon is a problem. A gorgeous, muscled, tempting problem. He loves riling me up, but it’s the continuous issues with the wedding that snag my attention.

The dress? The venue? Are these coincidences or a sexy mechanic’s warped sense of loyalty?

I’m used to setbacks: the kids in school ridiculing me for being different, hearing “Shut up, Zye” too many times, my mom dropping me off at my dad’s for the weekend…and never returning.

Despite Miles’s attempts to distract me and the mounting evidence that this marriage is a mistake, this wedding will happen.

My only focus is giving the bride her perfect wedding and saving my business.

No matter how safe and cared for I feel in Miles’s strong arms.

My Best Friend’s Wedding Planner is book one in D.K. Sutton’s new series featuring hilarious wedding disasters, the small town of Mule Creek known for its loveable but quirky residents, and the town’s many unlikely visitors including a social media influencer, a Vegas star, and an honest-to-God Royal prince.
This first book features a feisty wedding planner and a sexy mechanic, their meddlesome friends, twisty turns, and one too many emus. Each book can be read on its own and includes a hilariously-earned HEA.

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